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Zibra Corp Custom Capabilities

Zibra Corp is a fully integrated remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions designer and manufacturer. Let us work with you to solve your RVI application. If one of the many Zibra standard products does not work, InterTest and Zibra will work with you to create a viable solution.

*Pictured: a custom multi-direction-of-view borescope designed and manufactured by Zibra Corp.

Who is Zibra Corp?

Zibra Corp is a highly capable, fully integrated remote visual inspection solutions designer and manufacturer. Working with the latest sub-miniature optical technology, Zibra creates the smallest diameter, most robust and high-resolution fiberscope and videoscope products in the industry.

InterTest, Inc. and Zibra Corp have over a 35-year business relationship. Together we have created inspection solutions for some of the most difficult micro-RVI applications in the aerosopace, general manufacturing, and power generation industries.

Custom Scope Capabilities

The Zibra Corp culture of innovation, factory engineering capabilities, and customer support have created many custom borescope solutions. Below are some examples of solutions made for specific customer applications.

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Custom J-Shaped Semi-Rigid HDF Fiberscope

Challenge: A casting customer frequently damaged fragile and hard-to-manipulate small articulating fiberscopes. This occurred in a small-diameter, intersecting passage way.

Solution: Zibra analyzed the customer's part and created a 3D model. From computer analysis, a custom "J-shaped" semi-rigid scope was desgined and built.

Results: The custom J-shape allowed the customer to move away from articulating scopes saving them significant repair costs. The result had more than 2x the image resolution and illumintion, and increased operability.

Custom J-Shaped Zibra HDF Scope
Super Flex Orbital Weld Video Scope

Small Diameter Super-Flex Orbital Weld Inspection Scope

Challenge: An aerospace customer struggled to inspect the highly-relective side walls of a small diameter, stainless steel tube with heavy wall thickness.

Solution: After first-hand observation, sample part testing, and design on cutting-edge optical software, Zibra engineered a 2.2 mm diameter scope with a small bend radius, close focus optics, and custom illumiation control.

Result: An orbital weld inspection scope that could perform an unprecendent 100% inspection of the customer's part.

HDV Products

MilliWand Design Feature

Challenge: High-volume casting inspection customers repeatedly damaged scopes due to handling issues.

Solution: A 1-meter protected extension cable terminating in an easy-to-use grip "wand" handle. The working length of the scope extends from the handle for a superb inspection and inpector experience.

Result: The MilliWand design greatly improved scope ergonomics and usability. Operators now inspect parts more easily with far less handling damage. Product owners also saw signifcant reduction in scope repair costs.

MilliWand Products
MilliWand HDF