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Medical Manufacturing

Medical Manufacturing is a segment of the biotechnology industry that includes the production of components, implants, and equipment critical for healthcare therapeutics, monitoring, and diagnostics. Examples include the production of simple tubing or containers or more complex processes like the manufacturing and assembly of implants for cardiac or diabetic monitoring. InterTest, Inc. provides in-process cameras and borescope solutions as qualified instrumentation to ensure the highest medical component production quality.

The biotechnology industry is experiencing tremendous growth due to the surging demand for medical components used in healthcare applications. With an aging population, infectious diseases, and the demand for healthcare on the rise, there is a standing need for innovation in critical cardiovascular, surgical, and diagnostic components and devices. Many of these devices require a long, complex Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval process, so device and component quality is critical.

After FDA approval, devices and components must pass through a rigorous quality management system (QMS) named ISO 13485. Device and component quality must be of the highest quality before entry to the market. Quality, mechanical, and process engineers of medical manufacturing companies must carry out their QMS and require the best remote visual inspection tools. 

InterTest, Inc. has been providing solutions to the medical manufacturing industry for over 40 years with state-of-the-art in stock and customized product solutions to inspect the smallest details and imperfections. These visual inspection products have the ability to capture images and video for documentation for crucial reporting for ISO and FDA standards.

Remote viusal inspection (RVI) products for the medical manufacturing industry:

Rigid video borescopes

The Yateks B+ Benchtop Series is a portable and benchtop endoscope with 300,000-pixel HD image processing. Ideal for inspecting components such as medical tubing, molds, and containers.

Yateks B+ Benchtop Series

Micro precision borescopes

Zibra Milliscope HDF systems, with diameters as little as 0.35 mm, are ideal for inspecting the smallest of medical components and devices before surgical insertion. Inspect tubing, valves, and small prosthetics for post-manufacturing quality checks.

Zibra Milliscope HDF

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