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Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), is a collection of inspection disciplines related to testing various characteristics of manufactured parts, without affecting the parts’ integrity. NDT techniques are typically used on manufactured components that are extremely resource-intensive to produce, while less resource-intensive parts may be subject to traditional destructive testing methods for quality assurance. InterTest, Inc. started as an NDT representative company over 40 years ago, and remains an experienced consultant for numerous NDT processes.

Non-Destructive Testing

There are a number of distinct disciplines within NDT, such as Visual Testing, (VT), Ultrasonic Testing, (UT), Eddy Current Testing, (ET), Radiography (RT), Magnetic Particle, (MT), and Dye Penetrant (PT).  They all share the characteristic of being investigative without altering the complexion of the end part. These testing methods use sophisticated probes, sensors, and computing to achieve analytical images or data to make sure a part meets certain industry standards such as conductivity or discontinuity. 

Intertest, Inc specializes in consulting on building various in-process NDT systems, as well as designing and manufacturing visual tools with ultraviolet light that aid in visual testing, magnetic particle testing, and dye penetrant testing. 

NDT Inspection products include:

Cart-based UV Inspection

The SeeUV®cart-based Webviewer System is specifically designed for MT/PT on aerospace turbine blade engine components.

SeeUV® Webviewer Cart

UV Bore Inspection

Look inside complex, part bores in HD to perform MT or PT testing. Comes in various pole lengths, cable lendths, and directions-of-view.

SeeUV® PoleCam HD 1000

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Non-Destructive Testing

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
iShot® Ultrasonic Testing Telescoping Transducer Pole Inspection Device with Gimbal Fixture - InterTest, Inc.
SeeUV Ultrasonic Single Element Transducer Telescoping Pole Inspection Device
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