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Pump & Valve Inspection

Pumps and valves play a significant role in moving and stopping fluid matter (gas or liquid) in many industrial and mechanical systems. Over time, mechanical wear-and-tear and corrosive fluids can degrade internal pump and valve components. InterTest, Inc. offers a large selection of video and small-diameter borescopes to evaluate pump and valve components and keep them in service longer.

Pump & Valve Inspection

Pumps and Valve Inspection is an essential procedure in any mechanical or industrial system that relies on the controlled flow of liquids and gasses. Pumps mechanically create pressure or suction to move or compress liquids & gasses. Valves control the directional movement of these liquids & gasses in pipes, tubes, ducts, etc. In industries such as Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, the nature of these liquids and gasses may be abrasive and corrosive to pump and valve components, which emphasizes the need for inspection.  

Process & quality engineers/technicians ensure that pumps and valves being manufactured and serviced in the field are free of defects. Defects can impede flow, or worse, cause catastrophic system failures. These technicians look for porosity, burs, and other debris from the manufacturing process. In-service use also creates abrasion, corrosion, erosion, cavitation, and sliding wear in pumps and valves. These defects and signs of wear likely impede flow, cause leaks, or worse, cause catastrophic system failures. Inspection tools are critical to locate and document these defects and signs of wear to ensure quality and safety.  

InterTest, Inc. has over 40 years of experience providing visual solutions for pump & valve inspection applications. & valves.