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Due to the wide range of visual solutions and inspection products offered, InterTest, Inc. proudly serves a multitude of industry sectors. Where inspection is difficult, and quality assurance is a priority, InterTest, Inc. brands of cameras, camera systems, borescopes, and retrieval tools save time and costs.

See how our visual solutions are used in the aerospace, welding & fabrication, power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, video surveillance, and entertainment industries today.


Our uniquely broad range of visual solutions and inspection products is available and can function for various industry sections. From the most detailed inspections to those requiring many products and expertise, we provide the tools for your inspection needs. With quality assurance as our priority, Intertest promises to provide an efficient and safe experience with our products that will save you time, costs, and worries.

From industries such as aerospace, welding, and petrochemical to ones such as video surveillance and entertainment, we have the right products for you. Feel free to discover how our products are essential across many industries.

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