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Remote Welding Inspection

Remote welding occurs when the space, environment, or human capability restricts an otherwise normal welding process. Welding applications in tight spaces, underwater areas, or nuclear reactors are difficult or dangerous and require automated remote welding solutions. The weld viewing camera systems of InterTest, Inc. not only operate in these conditions but provide clear images that see past the harsh welding arc for optimal remote weld viewing quality.

Remote Welding Inspection

Remote welding occurs when the space or environment restricts the human capability to perform the arc welding process manually. If a working area has excessive heat or radiation, limited line-of-sight or room, anywhere dangerous or difficult for a human to operate in, remote welding will use a mechanical manipulator arm with a mounted weld torch.

Manufacturing engineers specializing in welding process design, welding technicians who program and operate elaborate automatic remote welding systems, and technicians ensuring  end product quality make remote welding possible. These designers and operators require a vision for in-process correction and quality assurance. Weld viewing cameras are often valuable tools in aiding this personnel in the remote welding process. 

Intertest, Inc designs and manufactures several weld viewing camera systems appropriate for setting up and adjusting remote welding equipment. With small form factors, rugged housings, and specialized optics, the InterTest, Inc. iShot Weld-i product line allows operators to adjust important welding parameters before and during the process.